The Sprint year started in Rantasalmi

As in previous years, the new autoblower season, which will begin soon, will be opened in Rantasalmi for sprint. On Sunday, January 7, the Lipponen OP Winter Talisprint on Rantasalmi Motorway is already 13th. Registration opened at KITI ends on Tuesday 2 January at 20.00. This national competition is similar to last year, including the Historic Historic Rallisprint series and the Regional Championships of the AKK’s Eastern Finland, Southeast Finland and Central Finland regions.

As this is the first competition of the year, it has been proven that many competitors are left with compulsory “paperwork” managing the membership and license fees to the last drop. Because of the pre-competitive season of Christmas and New Year, the treatment of even small problems is quite difficult at that time. Therefore, the organizer of Lipposkisa strongly recommends that everyone cares for the basic patterns in good time before Christmas.

The Rantasalmi sprint has received positive feedback from both competitors and spectators in the previous years. One reason is a compact, compact area; all activities will focus on the Rantasalmi motorway so that, competitors have a shift from the hut to the starting lights as well as the stop to the hut a few tens of meters. The audience, on the other hand, sees the progress of competitors in a few blind spots, except for the exit to the finish. And the run order is to remain full of interest until the last departure: Historic, women, youngsters, seniors, juniors and general. Rantasalmi is also pursuing a tradition that offers a free participation of young class competitors.

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