Matias Henkola is Happy with His Time in the VLN Series

By the end of 2017, Matias Henkola can rejoice over the past year. He took the podium several times in the VLN series Nürburgring, finished fifth in the Pro-Am class with his 24 Hours of Spa debut and also took the podium at the Blancpain GT Series Endurance Cup in Silverstone.

How does Matias Henkola describe himself?

– Although the results were not a team at the level of unwanted, I am very satisfied with the personal performance. Resistance to fuel all is not always stick to the driver, so the relative’m happy with my result. I compete as an amateur license, but I have been able coverage of the professionals during the season, so it will be of course a great feeling.

What did he llearn during the season.

– I learned about two issues during this period. First of all, GP racing and driving on the less tired tires and narrower spaces. For Nordschleif, it is more important to be self-confident to drive on the edge and to have the sixth sense when driving in congestion. And secondly, I’m going to be more even when I’m driving on the extreme. I was able to challenge topmates especially in challenging weather conditions.

What is the feeling to compete with renowned professional drivers such as Markus Palttala and Christian Krognes?

– With them competing motivates me to work on details with respect to not only the assumption that I am ready for the race weekend. This meant double-checking of things and ensuring that my performance was the best and the limits could always be stretched a little further.

– We spent a lot of time with Christian Krognes thinking about how I could win a tithing here on the Nürburgring track. It was great to be able to use Nürburgring’s fastest man as a benchmark and especially to get such a great teammate who was willing to sacrifice much time to develop the whole team.

– I also respect Markus Palttala as a friend and driver. He is an incredible guy and it was great to share the Spa 24 Hours experience with him.

– And last but not least, Michele Di Martino. He has naturally enormous.

Matias Henkola is Happy with His Time in the VLN Series

What is your good stuff for the season?

– Although we had a bit of misfortune in the Spaniard and did not reach the podium, it was still the most impressive and memorable event for the past year. It was the most difficult and balanced force competition I’ve ever driven. 70 equalize the car on a seven-kilometer track and the world’s best GT drivers take measurements for 24 hours, so it’s a pretty spectacle.

And how about the bad stuff of the season?

– The Nürburgring 24-hour race on Friday due to our collapse in time was a great place for a heartbreak. On the other hand at the same time I’m very proud of how professionally dealt with BMW juniors occurred. All four of our drivers and team leaders gathered together and tried to help him cope with Kolari and the pressures. This requires a lot of character from all the participants and we survived the disappointment, frustration, and sadness encountered as a team.

What are your plans for the 2018 season?

– For the coming year, I can safely promise I’m running the Nürburgring 24-hour race and before with the Pro-class car. Some contracts are on the table, but nothing has yet been signed yet. In addition, I hope to get to the Bronze Blancpain GT Series Endurance Cup or the like where amateur driver is in need.

– My contracts in the category are coming to be fairly recent. I would say, however, olleeni the fastest drivers in the Bronze category this year, so I’m pretty sure that any of the discussion below diileistä realized.

About Matias from Henkola

After a long motorbike run, Matias Henkola returned to the races by making his debut at Nordschleif in 2014 and winning his class in the VLN season of that year. The man proved his worth in the BMW M235i Cup category and then moved to the SP9 / GT3 category in the 2015 season to compete for the Walkenhorst Motorsport BMW Z4 GT3 before moving to the new BMW M6 GT3 in 2016. His best achievements in this race are two thirds.



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