Emil Lindholm on the Skoda Fabia R5

In the Rally SM3 class last season,  SM-silver and Emil Lindholm, 21, won the World Championship of the Future 2017 in the World Championship and will take a significant step forward in the rally.

Lindholm will be seen at the start of the season at Marcus Grönholm’s GRX Stage in the wheel of the four-wheel drive Skoda Fabia R5, the map reader Mikael Korhonen, 32.

Emil Lindholm on the Skoda Fabia R5

Emil Lindholm (right) and Mikael Korhonen will compete in the Ralli SM series in the next season with the Skoda Fabia R5. Photo: Jani Kekoni

Marcus Grönholm says that the joint project for Lindholm and GRX is named GRX Try Out 2018. The maintenance service of the team is responsible for Printsport and Lindholm’s chief engineer is Markus Paananen, assisted by Markus Jalas and Sami Raatikainen.

– (Emil) Lindholm hires our fleet from us. He has had a rallying rally, so we want to look at Emili’s abilities for the future. We call the project with discus labels Try Outi, Grönholm clarifies the background of the project.

The preliminary competition program for Lindholm and Korhonen includes the rally SM series and the Neste Ralli Finnish rally race in Jyväskylä.

– This is a great opportunity. Thanks to Marcus (Grönholm) and all my partners. Autumn was hectic on every side, but from all of my options, this was the absolute number one. Along with the Rally SM series we also drive to Skoda in the end of July in Jyväskylä. We hope that, as the season progresses, we could add more individual competitions to our calendar.

Lindholm knows that moving from a front-wheel drive to four-wheel drive requires its own time. There is also a need to do more work with the embroidery and this work started immediately after the last season.

– We started with Michael in the autumn to do some work before the show. Driving fast with a car brings its own challenges. There is a lot more speed, so the performance of the notes is emphasized. There is no way to go to any place on the gas bottom and as bold as the front-wheel-drive R2.

Lindholm met Skoda for the first time on Friday in central Finland in Hirvimäki, where the team drove the first test of the season.

– Fine car on every side and gorgeous drive. We drove about one hundred kilometers and I thought I quickly got to the car with you. The first two SM races are about to gather experience and get the feel of the car. My personal goal is to drive in the last SM-rally in the winter season in Joensuu’s top third.

Emil Lindholm’s Preliminary Competition Program 2018:
25.-27.1. SM Arctic Lapland Rally, Rovaniemi
From 16 to 17.2. SM Vaakuna Rally, Mikkeli
3.3. SM Itäralli, Joensuu
From 18 to 19.5. SM O.K. Auto-rally, Kouvola
15.-16.6. SM Ostrobothnia Rally, Seinäjoki
26.-29.7. Finnish Championships Neste Ralli, Jyväskylä
31.8.-1.9. Enset SM-Rally, Sastamala-Huittinen
28.-29.9. SM Rally Turku, Turku

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