Niko Makinen will Continue in the SM3 Class in next season

The Rally SM season ended in Tampere on the last weekend of September. Mäkinen and Kartanlukija Antti Haapala drove there an uphill race, despite the slight difficulties.

It left a good taste of the past year, although there were many stories in the season, all of which were not all finished according to the book of poetry.

– The start was promising. It was landed in Tunturi so thoroughly, the first few moments, and then something that I did not experience before. Leave the gear lever in your hand. It simply went through, and still from a place that could not possibly be repaired on the spot. There, then Antti (map reader Antti Haapala) admired Lapland’s landscapes for twenty hours of fever for several hours and watched others go. The little ate a man.

After the disappointment of the river raft, winter was still run in Mikkeli and Nilsiä. The investments were fifth and tenth.

– In addition to just a reasonable investment, Mikkel was overwhelmed by an oversized, or at least airy flight. It was pulled too hard on one of the rabbits and was for a few days in a jumping hippie. But when it comes to the tested flight characteristics of a car, it may not have been a telemarket. Nilsi went just like a pepper. From the car, the power was already overwhelmed, and no sticky rhythm came in a sticky way.

During the summer races, the car was serviced and the parts that had been slightly dirt were changed to new ones, so the duo when it was plowing was hard. In the summer, they were running in Riihimäki and Kouvola, the investments were sixth and eighth.

– In winter, there was a little-clogged autoblock, so the rear axle and some other parts were new. Fortunately, we have a good team of friends, the device was tip top when we got to Riihimäki. But the beginning was too cautious, but when one piece was pulled open the tailgate opened up a little bit of oxygen. The rest of the box left good taste, the little one was annoyed when the fifth place left for a second. In Kouvola, it was thought to be defeated, it did somehow succeed. A tire was blown up with a stone drill, and when it was on the rim, it went where it hurts and falls in the results. However, the race was also good for memories. On the second last special session, third, a couple of seconds came to the jacket, and the last short split was split. It seemed fine at the end of the summer.

Niko Mäkinen tested for example. your car’s airworthiness during the current season. Photo: Taneli Niinimaki

Two more races were launched during the autumn, Uusikaupunki and Tampere. In the final race, as was the first SM-points. In the city of Uusikaupunki, Mäkinen drove seventh and Tampere was the best result in the season, only a few seconds left the prize pool.

– There is not much to say about the new city. After the race, the car data was sent to the investigation and as a result the turbo was replaced. Less than Mance was quite different. The car felt like a young man as a jolly brunette. The sheet music was pretty special during the scraping of the Tampere region, and the fog was pretty thick throughout the day. The race started well, was in the second until the bit was pulled. The guy had driven out pretty hard, and it was thought that something was waving there. I stopped for a full ride, but we were shown to be able to continue the journey. Well, it did not hurt because yes the security goes before everything else. The end came as hard as it could, driving was like dancing, but the car was jammed when the clutch started to slip. However, it was a goal and although it was a good time to make a decision on the run for the season,

After the recollection of the season, there is a time of thanks.

– Hard support comes from your dad. I rarely start learning when I know that I always do my best and I can do it if I just hit it. But father is one of the keys to the success of this whole process. Especially the wise chatting of that gentleman is important, they give a boost to their own doing, and that is how they succeeded during the season. Also for maintenance, I was able to play nicely and hope that the same guys will be in the race next year! Once again, I would like to thank all the partners, the maintenance team, the cartographer, the father and the whole family, the backers, the supporters and others who have been involved in the past, Niko Mäkinen decides.

As Mr Mäkinen said, the importance of maintenance to competition is high. Juha Hietanen has been with the team throughout the season.

– Yes, it requires commitment once it’s gone. Sometimes, during the golden age of “hoppers”, it was supposed to be a wine barrel, nowadays it is professional and is all the time skirting in case of unexpected situations. The race is pretty tight, but yes there is a little time to relax, it is usually used for rest, eating and watching how the boys go. We have a good teamwork in the team, although sometimes we all have to do everything. I’ve been I Kokkinakin, no one complained and had to Hospital, so I would succeed. The chef got live, carved by Team Officer Hietanen.

Ninja’s father, Vesa Mäkinen, is the leader of the park. He has been helping and supporting his son from season to year and recalls the past year.

– The season started with the greatest wishes in Tunturi and it looked good before the gear shift was broken. It was a tough start for the devil when it came from zero points. Overall, the season was below target but the class is rocky and there is no accident or free investment there. On the way, however, it came to a halt on many occasions, even when it was just a good deal, when all was working. So the pace is enough as long as the problems are resolved. The lack of a little faith had Nikoak’s trouble along the way, when there was a small problem between the competition and not succeeded. But somehow, that download was always found and it was noticed when it was on, both in the games and in the free time.

– The season 2018 will continue under the Ford Motorcraft flag in the same class and with the same car, the target is podium positions and at the end of the season a medal. Now, it’s a lot more wise than a car, and when you’re done better than anything, that’s enough.

– Then you have to give a big thank you to all the partners. It’s great that you are involved on this journey, without you this would not be possible. Like no support from home support. And our service, they’re thrown out of breath, there’s a iron chess. Friends, acquaintances and encouragement teams, thank you very much, we all need you in the future to work that way, Vesa Mäkinen decides.

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