Jacob Jansson Brings Swedish Colors to the Rally SM Series

Swedish Jacob Jansson has announced that he will run the rally SM series in its entirety next season. In Finland, on the subject of its news, Urheiluuutiset.com says Jansson sends special thanks to Risto Laine, a Finnish car racer.

Jacob Jansson, 25, has performed in Sweden for three consecutive years (2015-2017) in three different classes.

At the end of September, Jansson competed for the first time in Finland when he participated in the SM-season’s rally race in the Lempäälä neighborhood. Although the trip ended at the time of interruption, then Jansson was able to spin at speed, by running a one-off run on Friday, and by being the second fastest.

– We really did go all the way until we had to suspend after the 5th special session due to technical wrestling. However, we got both racing partners and positive feedback from the public, and that idea then went on to participate in the whole series in 2018, Jansson says in his release on Sunday.

Jansson competed in the Swedish series as well as at the Lempäälä SM Rally with the Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X R4 car, which also takes part in SM Series SM2 in the 2018 season. Jansson plans to compete in Finland next season also in his home country.

– We will also run in selected races in Sweden, in those which are suitable for the competition calendar, Jansson backs up, finally giving thanks to Finland and to the real multi-talented motorcycle racer, tire runner for Risto Laine, Pirelli’s Northern European Motor Sports Manager.

– Thank you very much for Laine, who has really helped us with the contacts over the bay, Jansson echoes.

Rally SM Series Season 2018 will start in Rovaniemi’s legendary Tunturiralli, the last weekend of January.

   1939/5000 Jacob Jansson brings Swedish colors to the rally SM series

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