RATA-SM Series Calendar 2018 was released

The RATA-SM SM-series, the RATA-SM, has released its calendar for the 2018 season. The next season, the series includes four racing weekends.

RATA-SM Calendar 2018

Ahvenisto from 16 to 17 June.
Take a ride from 21 to 22 July.
Ahvenisto 1.-2.9.
Alastaro 22-23.9.

Pekka Säynevirta, Track Manager, says AKK’s news will be a good model for next season.

– Preparations for the season are good. The new SM Group, Gran Turismo, has been drafted in the Small Group of Techniques and Track Race, and after they have been completed, they will be published for comment. The series rules will be completed shortly and will be submitted to the AKK Board for review. RATA-SM’s serialization will be opened upon completion of both sets of rules.

RATA-SM Series Calendar 2018 was released

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