The NHL Echoes Locomotive and Neste Rally

This year, NHL has released the “100 Greatest Players” series, which also has its own Finnish flash, Teemu Selänne. 76 goals scored as the first NHL season, and in 2007 the “Finnish Flash” won by the Stanley Cup is also mentioned in the article on his rallies in the first paragraph.

“In 1997 and 1998, a car race was held in Finland, known as the rally world championship. The competition included top drivers and one driver who did not directly belong to the rally. His name was Teukka Salama. The flash did not get close to winning, but was excited about the experience, “says the article.

Neste Ralli will be driving next summer on July 26-29. the day is known in Jyvaskyla.

The NHL echoes Locomotive and Neste Rally

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