Laukaa Hosts Rally Press SM launch in February

Laukaan Motorists are honored to start Rallisprint’s SM Series 2018 and what is a better place than Laukaa’s future motor sport concentration in Lievestuore.

The area has been known for many years on the Karting line, the Traktor Pulling map became a sign a year ago and is located in Motocrossratak.

Rushing jumps are quite their own class through several rally competitions. Last winter Motorists arranged the first sprint in the area and after the race the area was found to be effective both for competitors and for the public.
The Jyvässeudun Ajoharjoittelurata Oy area is the competition center for the SM rally print run on February 11, 2018, although the likelihood of slipperyness is found in the form of just snow. There is also AO’s civil engineering training in the area, so getting help on the track can be obtained very close if needed.

The four-mile route is a familiar place in the last race of the organizing club and there is something for everyone in the road. The categories of the competition are compulsory under the SM Series Rules, and in addition, the BMW Extreme is added as an additional class. The organizer has promised to take all properly enrolled in the race and not to qualify.

Laukaan kisko is the first of the two rally-rallisprint SM racing competitions, with a total of six competitions in the series. Registration for the competition has now been opened.

Laukaa Hosts Rally Press SM launch in February

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