Ralli SM 2017 Season Publish its own Album

The Ralli SM Series is one of the world’s toughest national racing series. Especially the last few years have been very interesting, but for the moment there is no book published.

Motorsports photographer Hannu Rainamo decided to fix the situatiopn and to put together the most recent highlights of the precious species between one deck.

– It is a great passion for photography for me and I wanted to give the rally the visibility it deserved. This is how the idea came to make the book 2017 of the Rally SM season, notes Rainamo, for which motorsport has always been an important part of life.

The Ralli SM 2017 Picture and Success Book is a new type of rallying book that shows the events of a domestic series. In addition to the rich and varied picture material, the textbook of the book tells about events and successes of different categories.

– We had a good team to make a book. As a spokeswoman and journalist, Jarno Saari, who worked for a long time in the field, answered the textbook, while I added Taneli Niinimaki and Timka Seppänen to deliver the picture material to the book. Simo Heikkinen made a graphical look, Rainamo delighted.


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