The Virtual Racing SM Series will Start its Third Season in next year

Virtual Racing, the eMotorsports SM-title, will compete for the third time in 2018. Series organizer Circuit eMotorsports, together with the association AKK-Motorsport, conducted a competitor survey in summer 2017, which led to a small fine-tuning of the rules in the series, but remained largely unchanged.

The file manager Henrik Frank notes that the biggest change in the next season will be seen on the gaming platform.

– The most significant and most visible change for the coming season is the change of the Live for Speed platform to the newer and more complete Assetto Corsa platform. This should be taken into account now, when planning for the coming season. In addition, another major change to the current season is the number of competitions that will be ten in the coming season.

The Virtual Racing SM Series will Start its Third Season in next year

The 2018 preliminary eMotosports SM Series calendar is as follows:

March 26, 2018 / Competition 1
April 16, 2018 / Competition 2
May 7, 2018 / Competition 3
21 May 2018 / Competition 4
18.6.2018 / Competition 5
20.8.2018 / Competition 6
10.9.2018 / Competition 7
1.10.2018 / Competition 8
22.10.2018 / Competition 9
12.11.2018 / Competition 10

Each race includes time-running and 2 race-outs.

More detailed details of the series, such as racing tracks, racing cars, dummy pocket bets and series prizes will be published in the series, which will be released in February. At the same time, eMotorsport SM series registration is opened

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