Toomas Heikkinen will not continue with EKS

Joensuu’s rallycross-winner Toomas “Topi” Heikkinen received just under Christmas the assurance that his career will not continue in the EKS-team drawn by Swedish Mattias Ekström. Hey, however, assure that the roads did not break the doors in a bewildering way.

– I have enjoyed two EKS has to spend the season. The stables handled everything very professionally and the same can be said about the car manufacturer Audi’s operations. It is no longer possible to say that Audiakan is accusing that the worn parts did not always last, Heikkinen explains.

– Thank you very much for EKS and Audille for the time spent together, he summarizes.

Toomas Heikkinen’s starship at the EKS stand was to win the 2016 World Series of Winning Championships together with Ekström, a personal world champion. This year, the duo was ranked third in the World Championships.

In his personal MM series Heikkinen was seventh in both his EKS years. Joensuu’s best-ever year was 2014, when he won the World Championships with Norwegian Petter Solberg taking the championship. During the first two World Championship Heikkinen represented the Swedish Marklund Motorsport.

– Next year’s housing is still completely open. Negotiations have taken place, but they have not led to a solution. It is unfortunate to say that the costs have risen in the rocket way for what they were still at the start of the World Cup, says Heikkinen.

– I think that in January we could publish news about the extension, Heikkinen promises.

Toomas Heikkinen will not continue with EKS

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