Kouvolan Sanomat: Tykkimaki Motor Races are Rescuing

According to Kouvolan Sanomat, Tykkimäki Motorsports Center may not remain in the logistic area.

The city of Kouvola has investigated the Kullasvaara area’s land use solutions and found a new alternative. According to the plan, motorways can stay in place even if the city develops a logistics area.

– That’s right. We have found a solution where rail and road lines do not interfere with the motor operation. This is still being investigated. The scaffolding is due to be processed by the Technical Board probably in February, says Marko Luukkonen, general design manager.

According to Luukkonen, the city of Kouvola and the ELY Center of South-East Finland have discussed this topic. It turned out that the planned connection to Highway 6 could also be further improved for the motorway areas.

The city has designed a railway and road terminal at Kullasvaara, which would make Kouvola internationally an increasingly important freight transport center.

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