Rory Penttinen’s Journey as a Professional Racecourse Gets a New Boost

Track driver Rory Penttinen’s season 2017 is over and the man is preparing for full season races. The goal is set high, reaching the international Endurance Racing elite at GT level.

Rory Penttinen’s racing season 2018 will start immediately in the early part of the year. As a latent man, he has been invited to take part in the Nordschleifen 24-hour race, where he can drive on a familiar car, the Ferrari 488 GT3. It is normal for this event to be played by the fact that the competition is run in Turku with a simulator and the competition partners are real professionals from the real racetrack and simulator races.

On the second week of January, Penttinen will fly to Dubai to defend last year’s victory at Creventic’s 24-hour race at Dubai’s Autodrome, where a Finn drives a GDL racing stab at Lamborghini. The 5.4 km track starts almost a hundred cars, so there will be a crowd, but this does not scare Pentt, now he can show his skills. In the previous race he was allowed to start but also drove on the final stage to the car’s rear. This means a lot to a man, because it is a team’s way of showing that he is trusted.

German Rinaldi Racing wants Rory Penttinen to run the entire Blancpain GT series with Ferrari’s 488 GT3, which he drove with Paul Ricard for the Midsummer. Photo: Rory Penttinen’s Information

The result of Blancpain’s GT series opening event made Penttinen a unique opportunity. German Rinaldi Racing wants the entire Blancpain GT series in the same Ferrari 488 GT3 car, where he drove the Paul Ricard in France as a midsummer. The show was happy with Penttinen’s presentations and now wants to make an agreement for the entire season. Penttinen thinks this is a huge step forward and can take him far enough. Rinaldi Racing has been a successful racer throughout the season and they take good care of their drivers. Rinaldi Racing’s goal is to win the upcoming season AM category. Pentium helps them to reach their goal.

The entire Penttinen team is working hard ahead of the budget for 2018, the general sponsor is already aware, but some of the funding is still open.

The Blancpain series enables Finnish export companies to market their products and networking, so Penttinen believes that partners can be found.

Penttinen feels that Christmas is a wonderful celebration, but she looks forward to being able to jump into the showroom and get her skills.

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