Tommi Makinen Wants to Put the Rally MM Series into New Ones

According to Ilta-Sanomat, Tommi Mäkinen, leader of the Toyota WRC, believes that MM races should definitely be shortened.

– The number of special trials could remain the same, but I would like no longer to run a long 30-50 km track, Mäkinen told Ilta-Sanomat in his office at Puuppola.

Mäkinen would like to have up to 250 EC kilometers in MM races in the future.

– It would have a great impact on our operating costs. With today’s WRC cars, it is quite safe to drive 400-500 EC kilometers. It would be much better to run two shorter races and then make greater maintenance.

– Now, for instance, the situation is such that we fly our fleet to and from Mexico. Then there are terrible maintenance needs and then the fleet will be flown to Argentina. The whole could be built much cheaper and more efficiently.

Mäkinen believes that MM racers should be made much faster. The fourfold world champion believes that the series will also have more young fans.

– Do you have to run three-day World Championship races, or would it be enough for two days? This is not a good system for running two or three stitches and then waiting for another five hours. There must be more to happen.

“Keep the gas going from bottom to bottom”

Mäkinen, 53, hopes that the World Championships would be reluctant to give up the idea that the rally should still be a type of endurance.

– It does not take a half hour for a special exam. When there were only short shots, it would be easier to organize rallies and not need to spare tires the same way as today. The tire cycling would end, and the gas would go from bottom to bottom.

In the Rally World Championship there will be 13 races next season.

– It’s a pretty good time. I know that a World Rally will be built in Japan and it may already be for 2019, Team Manager Mäkinen told IS.

A new MM rally is also planned for Chile.

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