WRC Cars are now Much Faster than old B-teams

According to Iltalehti, Henrik Frank’s rally champion says that there were about one hundred horsepower in Group B cars compared to the 2017 WRC.

At the B Group, horsepower was determined by the race – in Jyvaskyla gravel 450-470, San Remo asphalt 550.

Frank says that today’s cars are, however, much faster than the B-Group’s cannonballs with racing cars, even though WRCs weigh a few hundred kilograms more.

“For example, in Ouninpohja, WRCs are in miles at least one second or one-quarter faster, Frank says.

– The features of modern cars are so much better than ever since suspension, power transmission and runnability. Now that there are still some improvements and improvements to aerodynamics, we are already close to the B Group’s cars.

Security is also quite different in today.

– The autothan are really wide. It is not just about spectacle. The doors are 20 to 30 cm thick. Collision covers are of a high order. The cars can withstand almost anything.

WRC Cars are now Much Faster than old B-teams

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