Lapland and Botta’s Performances are Nominated for the year’s the most Intense Sporting event

Two motor sports athletes were included in the 2017 most intense sporting event with Valtteri Botta and Esapekka Lapland’s first World Cup wins.

Esapekka The Finnish Lapland World Championships prize winner at the start of pregnancy and the first F1 winner of the career of Valtteri Bottaks will be nominated for the most intense sporting season of 2017 along with eight other candidates.

The winner of the most annoying sporting event in 2017 will be selected on the basis of a public vote. The winner will be released in Urheilugaal on January 18, until then the vote is valid here.

Großer Preis von Russland 2017, Sonntag – Steve Etherington

Motor Candidates:

Esapekka Lappi, the over-winning victory of the Rally World Championships at the end of the season with Tommi Mäkinen’s “Finnish-style” Toyotan – 30.7.2017, Jyväskylä

Valtteri Bottas, third in the starting lineup for his career in the first F1 race in Kimi Räikkönen when he finished third in Finland – March 30, 2017, Sotshi, Russia.

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