In Taru Rinne’s Sportsbook document: “I’ve seen that everything is really possible”

Taru Rinne, the first woman in the world to ride on the World Championships, scored the F-World World Champion Mika Häkkinen. In the Sports Finland program, Rinne tells about his motor sporting years with both four and two wheelers.

Taru Rinne won the Karting Finland Championship two times. In his turn, he had, in addition to Häkkinen, Mika Salo.

– After karting, I thought I was going to run the little formulations, and the goal was probably one day to run Formula 1, but the plans were changed, Rinne tells the video clip from the fifth episode of the Sporting Worlds documentary series.

Taru Rinne was invited to Andorra’s FIM gala at the end of November 2017, where he was named the legend of a women’s motorcycle racing. Photo: Nita Korhonen

Rinne moved on to motorcycles after karting and became the world champion at the age of 20 in 1988. He became the first women’s first ever World Championship driver ever in the first season.

– It raised the world. I showed that everything is really possible. It was some kind of sensation, “Rinne says.

The International Motorcycle Federation FIM nominated Mrs. Rinne as the legend of 2017 women’s motorcycle racing.

See an interview with Rinteen from the Sports Finland program here.

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