Niko Makinen and Jarno Ottman are Sitting in the same Car for 2018

Niko Mäkinen leaves the rally in the SM season next to a new, very experienced karting Jarno Ottman.

Ottman has performed his duties for eighteen seasons.

He has been piloting Joonas Soila, Joni Nikko, Jarkko Nikara and Juha Saloak.

– My intention was to opt out of active mapping, to visit occasional races, but when Niko contacted, I asked him a little time to find out my mind, Ottman’s background.

– In a couple of days, the mind became brighter and I noticed that the industry was enthusiastic about the idea, so the handset and ringing to Niko. It sealed the upcoming season co-operation. I looked at Niko’s driving, I talked to the team, and now I am full of power in preparation for the beginning of the season. Comfortable to leave a young and hungry friend, I believe I can give Niki tips and guidance, so this is a good season, Ottman adds.

Mäkinen and Ottman drive in the colors of the Ford Motorcraft Rally Team in the SM3 category, the car being the same Ford Fiesta as last season. Ottman brings to the team experience with Ostrobothnia.

– I went through a number of alternatives to who would meet Antti’s (Haapala) site and came to the conclusion that I would like to have a maper who has experience and who would be able to drive more momentum with his own expertise, “Mäkinen says.

Then came Jarno to mind. It was called and soon reached agreement on the next season. Jarno said he was looking at my incaraja and at least had some suggestions on how to simplify and simplify it. Let’s see what’s going to be like, but I think this will be a very good cooperation, Mäkinen adds.

The SM Series starts on the 25th of January, traditionally at the Arctic Lapland Rally in Rovaniemi. A well-known competition called Tunturiralli is a good test of co-operation between the couple.

– Now we are about to get a feel for the car and grind the common melody. The engine has got new freshness and it feels like you’re driving a car different than last season, so you feel the cheerful device. Jarno has already given a few tips for driving, so watch together what kind of notes are scratched on a booklet. Before the SM, one race is run by testing the package when Piippola Ralli is screwed on in the epiphany. We both have the feeling that a series already starts, the two decide.Niko Mäkinen and Jarno Ottman are sitting in the same car for 2018


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