Arttu Lahdeniemi Rally in the SM3 Category: “We are looking forward to the first race”

Arttu Lähdeniemi rally in the SM3 category: “We are looking forward to the first race”

Arttu Lähdeniemi, a 18-year-old punk-countryman, is enrolled in the rally SM3 fight. Kartturina The source is Aki Suutarinen from Vaasa.

Arttu Lähdeniemi will move to the rally SM3 category in the upcoming rally season. He has a Ford Fiesta R2 and he has two Aki Suutarinen, who has been riding for two years.

We are going to run in a hockey KA-team.

– I want to develop as a driver and get miles in a new car. The class is of a high standard, so it is strong to drive if it wants to tops, says Lähdeniemi.

The first rally men will leave Rovaniemi in anticipation of the last weekend of January.

– We’re starting to look forward to the first race. There will always be more confidence in the event, but when the car is new, the rally will be new in Rovaniemi. However, we are not going to settle for headland investments, says Lähdeniemi.

Lähdeniemi has rallied the rally in the junior class already for three full courses and is a young class champion’s model year 2015.


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