Hirvonen Dakar after the Second day on the Seventh

Mikko Hirvonen is seventh when the legendary Dakar Rally has two stages.

The 40th Dakar Rally running in Peru, Bolivia and Argentina are now behind for two days.

Mikko Hirvonen and his German card reader Andreas Schulz is on the run after Peru’s 7th, 12 minutes and 50 minutes left for France’s Cyril Despres.

“As expected, the track was very challenging with difficult dune sections,” says Hirvonen, adding: “A very positive day, we learn a lot from the car. We lost a couple of minutes together, but otherwise, we are very happy with this one.

On Monday, competitors will be in front of the third day, run in San Juan de Marca. The Dakar Ralli will end on January 20th in Cordoba, Argentina.

The situation in the car class after two days
1. Depression 3: 21.18
2. Peterhansel + 27s
3. De Villiers + 5m44s
4. Loeb + 6m09s
5. Al-Attiyah + 12m15s
6. Terranova + 12m50s
7. Hirvonen + 12m50s
8. Sainz + 13m12s

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