Top Building Rallisprint opens Lahti’s domestic Sprint Season

The first rally print of the year will be run on the upcoming Sunday in Lahti, Villähteen Hokkara.

For the third time, the competition in Hokkara is named Top Building Rallisprint this year. The competition is also the regional competition for Southeast Finland. The organizing club Lahti UA will spend its 55th birthday this year, which is also celebrated with 93 entries in the competition.

There were 14 entries for the organizing club. There are also plenty of nearby drivers, but the farthest ones arrive from Ostrobothnia. Winter packs started at the perfect time, and the track is for the drivers in the primeval state, as long as the landscape is illuminated.

In the past two years, the Anjalankoski UA, which won the competition Mitsubishi Lancer E6, Jukka Tenho is still defending his title this year. In the Rallisprint SM series, the fourth-placed fourth-placed Tenho will receive the biggest challenge from Orimattila UA’s Mika Myllyl, who was second in the Future Cup running on asphalt, with Tenhon being fourth.

There are plenty of interesting equipment and fast drivers, including the 2WD champion Laihian UA Mika Lemmetti, and the Seniori Cup winner Nokian Ua’s Tarmo Ollila.

The competition in Lahti Hokkara starts on Sunday 14 January 2018 at 11 am.

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