Eerik Pietarinen Skoda Ralli SM Series

The 24-year-old Eerik Pietarinen, who rallied in the Finnish rally in the Finnish Rally Championship, chased the season’s success in the season’s section with the ŠKODA Fabia R5, the TGS team.

As a new partner of the team, led by the young promising team, Toni Gardemeister, starts with Veho, one of the largest ŠKODA distributors in Finland.

Motor sports are in Finland at a tough boom. Nearly a record number of Finnish drivers competes in the Rally MM Series categories. According to the Sponsor Navigator survey, Neste Rally Finland has risen to the most popular among men in the 18 to 29-year-old men, and the SM-series rallies in the rally are among the third most popular events. Neste Ralli is the fourth most popular sporting event in the target group of the corresponding age group.

TGS Worldwide Team and Veho’s co-operation is underpinned by the rally’s growing interest.

– Eerik Pietarinen is well suited to the target group where we want to develop ŠKODA. With his performance last year, he has rallied to the next audience and will certainly be one of the most recent new faces in the Ralli SM series section, explaining the background behind the cooperation Veho passenger car retailer Mikko Vesala.

Motor sport has been part of Škoda’s tradition for 116 years

– Motor sport has been an integral part of Škoda’s tradition for 116 years. These traditions will continue to grow even stronger in Finland. ŠKODA FABIA R5 traveled to victory in 2017, winning the WRC2 championship and numerous international and national championships. With these results, ŠKODA FABIA R5 was the most successful rally car in the WRC2 category for the final season, says Kimmo Vainio, Sales and Field Manager Helkama-Auton.

– In the season 2018 ŠKODA Motorsport mills drive two Finnish drivers, when the young Finns Juuso Nordgren / Tapio Suominen and Kalle Rovanperä / Jonne Halttunen have the chance to redeem promises on the ŠKODA Fabia R5. Like in the mills, Fabia R5 has also dominated SM racers in Finland, and it is inherent that ŠKODA, together with Veho, cooperates with Toni Gardemeister’s TGS team to develop young drivers, Vainio continues.

TGS wants to help young drivers move forward in their career

Tony Gardemeister, in a total of 112 MM races, cares for his company TGS Worldwide to maintain and maintain the Eerik Pietarinen ŠKODA Fabia R5 during the races. The start-up season is the first full season in the Rally SM series for the Gardemeister team. It is at the same time expanding operations as TGS Worldwide’s operations in the races of World Championships and European Championships continue as before. After her career, Gardemeister has also helped several young drivers in her career. Through this, TGS Worldwide has gained a strong position as a credit union of ŠKODA Motorsport.

– At the end of last year, Eerik really came up with his performance with Škoda in Tampere. It is really inspiring to continue working with him for a whole new season-long project. At the same time, we can keep track of his development as an athlete and make our own contribution to the success of Eerik and Juhana’s future success track, says Toni Gardemeister.

The SM2 class champion switches to the main category

Eerik Pietarinen – Juhana Raitanen won the SM2 championship in the end of the season. Now is the time to move to the main section of the series.

– The start of the season will be very interesting. The series has a lot of hard names. Experienced R5 drivers will have a very competitive medal for them, with Teemu Asunmaa, Juha Salon and Marko Männyn. Additionally, we will be packed as a new driver to mix in the SM3 category last year by Emil Lindholm. Naturally, our goal is a championship, but now what is the season coming in, Eerik Pietarinen is considering starting the season.

Eerik Pietarinen Skoda Ralli SM Series

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