Hooked up with a Hurricane in Dakar

On Monday, Mikko Hirvonen missed the third run of the Dakar Rally in the sand and took the place on the 20th.

Mikko Hirvonen, who participates in legendary Dakar Rally, is pleased with the fourth day of the race.

– I am very happy day! Eventually we were able to look at the real potential of the car, even though we had to look for a jumper twice, and once we stopped counting the tire pressure, Hirvonen times.

Hirvonen and his German card reader Andreas Schulz were ranked fourth in the fourth stage and ranked 12th in the lead.

The car category continues with Stephane Peterhansel of France, Sebastian Loeb and Carlos Sainz, familiar with the World Series of Races. Hirvonen is left at the bottom of 2.39: 42.

Starting on January 1, the Dakar rally will end on January 20th in Argentina.

Car status after the fourth race day.

1. Peterhansel 10h36m07s
2. Loeb + 6m55s
3. Sainz + 13m06s
4. Al-Attiyah + 58m48s
5. Ten Brinke + 1h10m24s
6. Amos + 1h19m42s
7. Al Qassimi + 1h21m09s
8. De Villiers + 1h21m47s
9. Prokop + 1h22m44s
10. Przygonski + 1h35m30s
11. Sireyjol + 2h21m06s
12. Hirvonen + 2h39m42s

Hooked up with a Hurricane in Dakar

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