Mikko Eskelinen with Skoda Fabia R5 car on Arctic Lapland Rally

On the fourth weekend of January, the Arctic Lapland Rally in Rovaniemi, the Arctic Lapland Rally, Jyvaskyla, Mikko Eskelinen and map reader Arto Kapanen will compete for the top of the overall competition on a completely new and upcoming Saturday Skoda Fabia R5 car coming from the Czech Republic.

Eskelinen competes in a rally of 11 speedboats and 254.65 specialty miles in two races on a two-day racing adventure racing with Riku Sepä’s Dynamo rally team, with a 194 serial number. Dynamo works closely with Toni Gardemeister’s TGS World. The team is renowned, among other things, for the great speed of 2017 Kalle Rovanpera.

In the arena, a number of international racing motorbike championships and other medal-winning Lamborghini Super Trofeo Asian Racing series silver medalists start off as a challenger to the Arctic adventure. Among other things, he is responsible for the rally of the Finnish riders Teemu Asunmaa and Eerik Pietarinen, as well as the stars of the future, such as Emil Lindholm, son of Sebastian Lindholm, eighth Finn of the Rally.

– The last two whole race through my Mitsubishi Lancer WRC project time worked in close collaboration with the Kymi Septechin a dynamo. Since co-operation has been flawless, so now I have the honor to compete with a car that has just been completed at Skoda’s rally car factory. The race will arrive in Finland on Saturday, and already on Tuesday we will be testing the test to make the car competitive, says Eskelinen.

– This year, both in the Arctic Lapland Rally and in the Rally SM series, the battle for both the prize and the other prize-wins will be very hard. I am a self-driven rally fell ten times in a row and seven of them have ended with good investments and, above all, high-altitude championship points. Although the expectations are undeniably high again, our goal is only to get intact competition with a new car and see where we are going. Still, I’m confident when I know Dynamo is working closely with Toni Gardemeister’s successful TGS World, for example, with Mitsubishi Lancer Nissan, R4 and WRC and Ford Fiesta S2000 and R5 racing on the Arctic Lapland Rally.

Eskelinen, who started his career at the eleven Arctic Lapland Rally, has also signed up for seven Ralli SM racing series. However, he is not yet able to confirm his participation in all the races of the series, as negotiations on international roadmaps in the coming summer are still unfinished. Hence, the new Skoda Fabia R5 is available for hire both in winter and summer racing competitions with Dynamo’s high-quality service.

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