Starting Monterey Car Week At Canepa

Car Week in California’s Monterey Bay has officially begun. Vintage race cars have already graced the tarmac at WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca, an inordinate quantity of Porsches have descended upon the area, and collectors are checking into their hotels, ready to suck up all the details of multi-million dollar machines at the auctions.

Things are in full swing, and with the heavy week ahead of me I figured it best to take an easy Monday. I slept in, had a nice breakfast, and then hit the road to Scotts Valley. Nestled into the Santa Cruz mountains, just a 15-minute drive from the beach, there’s a 70,000 square foot workshop like no other. It’s safe to say that Canepa is the quintessential car shop of Monterey Car Week, but the best way prove this is to show you.

With so much going on an hour south in Monterey, Canepa was a nice and quiet retreat for me. Still, already there were dozens of people milling about the open shop when I arrived.

I’m always a sucker for Martini colors on an air-cooled Porsche, so I couldn’t resist going off to the end of the lot to investigate this one.

With Canepa being so heavy on every generation of Porsche ever, many fans of the marque found themselves wandering through the showroom here on their way south to Monterey.

While Canepa has a vast number of highly collectible Porsches, there’s more to many of them than meet the eye. This 959 is street legal not only in the United States, but California specifically. If you know anything about Californian smog laws, you’ll know what a feat this was. Canepa was the first to accomplish this some 15 years ago.

If you’ve ever looked through Canepa’s inventory online, it should come as no surprise that their showroom is packed with an impressive mix of collectible automobiles. And that’s before you make it upstairs to the museum.

This is where the history of Canepa becomes apparent.

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