Laxoselle is a handsome end of the season, third place in Abu Dhabi

Campos Racing’s Simo Laaksonen climbed the final GP3 Formula One races in Abu Dhabi in the third place. Laaksonen, who left Ninth Box, received a good start and was able to climb sixth in the first round as a result of collisions.

Simo Laaksonen, 20, followed in the lead for a long time until the sixth, until four laps before the finish, the marttile ran past Giuliano Ales and rose fifth. Two laps before the goal Laaksonen overcame Callum Ilott, but the British quickly recovered until the last round Laaksonen overtook Ilott again and drove to the box on the fourth.

In Laos, Laos was third in the results, as second-placed Juan Manuel Correa had a five-second time penalty that dropped him sixth.

– Good first round. There was a hassle in the front and I could avoid them. For the whole race my cousin was good. I got the tip swift quickly and this time tactically right. I deliberately left my last DRS opportunity for the last round and I used it for the full. Today I was playing smart with DRS. I picked up from yesterday’s mockery and it brought me the third place, Laaksonen rejoiced.

Of the last three weeks of the season, Laaksonen collected 33 points. The Finnish driver’s finish at the end points is 14.

– I think my team improved towards the end of the season and I just tried to get better with my dinghies. I would not have thought that such a car could get used to it, but it just happened. Of course, third place is a tough thing for next season plans. It is hoped that we would get a budget and negotiate a good team. If the team is not able to win or their coins are insufficient then then this series will be unnecessary to continue. In the second season, we must be able to win, Laaksonen points out.

Laaksonen says that in the last six races of the season, he was able to run balanced races and race against anyone.

– Today, for example, I was able to run and stand up against the ART drivers. The third place left good taste for the season, Laaksonen decided.

Results of Sunday’s Abu Dhabi competition

1) Nikita Mazepin (RUS) ART Grand Prix 30.16.148
2) Jack Hughes (GBR) ART Grand Prix + 1,317
3) Simo Laaksonen Campos Racing + 3,183

Score 18/18 of the competition

1) Anthoine Hubert (FRA) 214
2) Nikita Mazepin (RUS) 198
3) Callum Ilott (GBR) 167

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