The Season Ended on the Prize Pool – “Now Can Be Happy”

Aki Sahila decided to race in style at the final race of the French Peugeot 208 Cup season at Rallye du Var.

Aki Sahila started his map reader with Rami Suora for the weekend as far as five months later.

– It was the first day to find a little, which was also known in advance. He never agreed to the first few pieces for himself. There will always be coats for one reason or another and they will be driven in this rally three or four times. The third time we got a computational time and it was a bit weak, Sahila harmed.

– After the first three races, small changes were made to the car and the last day (EK4) went harder. There were also worse conditions. When dry asshole comes, then we always stay, but when it is slippery and muddy, then we will go better, Sahila described.

In spite of the difficulties and the car’s minor disruption, Sahila was fourth in the class after the opening day and in good setup at the start of the second race day. Saturday was a bullish man from Finland. The seventh fastest time ever came out of the first special session of the morning, but the fourth pace of the day was already quite close to the tip.

– The same thing was happening again in these first installments. Maybe a little too soft a car, but there was also something else to improve. That mud and slope just fits us better. That’s why our results appear to be undulating, Sahila explains.

The Sahila competing in the Sainteloc team left the fourth place in the rally closing day, but the difference to Xavier Quinsaci third was only 20 seconds. Sunday started strong when Mänttä was the second fastest on the first special stage and the second time on the second stage. This brought third in the Finnish competition.

– It was known beforehand that the Sunday loop could agree with us. The first part of the morning went really well, even though it was really slippery. Then the good time was pulled to the second and the last lap was still under two new wheels. All the time, it had to be done for the best, and it was known that it must come full.

For more than 30 miles to the rally finals race, Sahila convincingly entered the class second fastest time and this secured the youngest career first prize pool at the Peugeot 208 Cup Avalanche.

– Now can be happy. However, a fair five months break and this is always a really challenging rally. This was the best performance in the car racing so far, so it’s great to decide the season like this.

– From now on, training is continuing very hard. Here too, there were some shortcomings. Experience is still underperforming and there is always something to improve. All the time, however, we learn about adjustments and everything, so that’s where it comes from. Confidently, Sahila concludes.

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