Trogen’s winning battle ended with disappointment – “Then the ring broke”

Lohijainen Sami-Matti Trogen finished his exciting season after the finals in the fifth in the RX2 Series final in South Africa’s Cape Town. The final spot was Trogen this season’s third.

Finland’s little frost in November changed to the South African sun and the t-shirt when Sami-Matti Trogen, 16, flew to the equator on the other side of the Wednesday. On Thursday, there was a car test in the program, and it was not exactly normal. A few racing cars were transported to the local savannah, the carriages and the ankle straight.

– A guy preparing for home cooking wanted to try out, then closed down the road and pulled out of training. It was quite exotic. Luckily there was no wildlife there, Trogen laughs.

The first two bets were run on Saturday and they went well with Trogen. In the first round, Trogen got a good start and got to the top. The only drawbacks were caused by William Nilsson, who was briefly in a hurry to accompany you and the back of your run. However, Trogen got limped in the racket of his racing partner and drove a clear victory. In the overall situation, Trogen was second after the first bets.

In the second batch, Trogen dropped to the top and went down fifth, but a well-timed extra pad and a successful run made him third. After Saturday’s contract, Trogen was fourth in the overall situation, so the rest of the day in the sun was deserved.

It’s been great to drive here in Africa. The first batch went well. The second batch was really hard and I was in the first bend a little bit big but ok rank. Tomorrow will be resumed, now I’m leaving the hotel to rest and enjoy the sun, Trogen told me.

Sunday was as sunny as the previous race day, so there were warm times and hot moments on the track. From there, Trogen got a taste in the third installment when the trip broke down on the first curves.

– I do not know where it hit, apparently the canton. The tire fell under and interrupted.

“Long, but awesome season”

At the start of the fourth round, the rank was still good, Trogen was seventh and closed at the semifinals. Now it was important to start with, this should be a good result to keep the goal of the prize pool alive.

– The team had got the car up, but there was something else in the steering wheel. I did not get right out of the way, but the overtaking was successful and the main one, that is, a good investment came.

Trogen knocked out from the start to second lap time lapse and was sixth after the start. The culmination of the weekend approached was the semifinal time. Six fast drivers in the starting grid were ready to fight for the three finals. Trogen from the second row did a great job and gave the racing partners a taste of Finnish mood.

– I got a good start, there was a bit of a hit here and I could give it back. Another time was timed well and I kept my investment.

To the final Trogen started from the back row. It started a merciless collapse when each of the six hammers wanted to score. Trogen blew up the others and climbed third. Then something unexpected happened. The Oliver Eriksson car was secured by the semi-finals of the championship semi-finals and Ben-Philip Gundersen and Trogen hanging on the ropes until it happened again.

“But then the tire broke,” Trogen said to the crow, briefly said.

Trogen’s debut season was bullish. The new car that came in the Canadian race got the finishing touch in the finals, France was the second and in South Africa Trogen won the Gundersen winning the race. The first win in the four-wheel drive was therefore waiting for their arrival, perhaps its time for next season. More information about the future plans is still in progress before Christmas.

– Thanks to family and all supporters for encouragement, fans for nice messages and of course for team. It was a long, but awesome season. Now take a moment to breathe and train each of the sub-areas to a bit better for next year, Trogen decided.


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