Perspective: FIA Hall of Fame meets whether Alen is in St. Petersburg in December?

Sandro Munari and Markku Alen, rally world champions or not? Many respond yes, many people are uncertain about this issue of eternity, but the absolute position of the FIA ​​and rally MM series is still not.

The Rally World Championship started in 1973, but the first four in the World Cup competed only on the world championships for car manufacturers. Between 1977 and 1978, in addition to the car manufacturer’s MM series, drivers got their own “battlefield”, officially bearing the name FIA ​​Cup for Drivers, freely translated for FIA Cup drivers.

In 1977, the FIA ​​Cup champion was crowned by Italian Sandro Munari and a year later by Markku Alen. After the two FIA Cups, the World Series of Races went to 1979 to compete for the official World Championships of Drivers and the first Swedish title was Björn Waldegård. The first Finnish rally world champion was Ari Vatanen, who won the World Series of Champions in 1981.

At this point, one can once again raise the question of eternity, that is, whether or not the world champions of Munari and Alen rally? Although no Gallup results are to be expected, the majority of the rally fans around the world will surely respond. A popular free content encyclopedia on the Internet, Wikipedia, lists both Munari and Alen rally world champions, but for example, on the official MM website, world champions are only listed on Waldegard.

Just a year ago, the FIA ​​International Motor Show Federation opened the Hall of Fame and its first selections were made to the world champions of Formula One. The event was named after the Giorgio Farinas for Lewis Hamilton. In his feast, FIA President Jean Todt stressed that in the future FIA’s Honorary Gallery will be attracted to other motorcycle racing champions, and that the Formula One car racing championship class was on that road just the first stage.

“This is how we celebrate all the FIA ​​masters who have made and continue to make the motor sport history so rich and inspirational, Todt stressed.

When the FIA ​​presented its first choices of the new Hall of Fame project last year, there was little publicity in the matter before. The same situation has also been this year, but according to the information received by, the rally of racing cars would be the next evening and its first Hall of Fame selections will be published in St. Petersburg, Russia next week when FIA will meet there as well as organize its annual prize gig.

If the FIA ​​continues its line launched last year, the Hall Of Fame selections will only target the world champions of the race, so it will be interesting if Munari and Alen are on the spot. For now, if ever, the FIA ​​would have an excellent chance of eliminating this unnecessarily wondrous eternity around the rally MM series and declaring both Munari and Alen officially rally world champions. Both would definitely have earned it, it really is not going to be anywhere from this point and the fine history of the rally MM series will be made clearer and therefore more appreciated and approachable.

Alen is one of the greatest legends of the rally world, and in addition to Finland, especially in Italy, “Mr. Maximum Attack “is still a very popular superstar. Alen has won 19 MM rallies in his career, which is still the ninth best ever in all time statistics, although the number of competitions for the last twenty years has been considerably higher than that of Alen’s active years. Prizes (56) Alen is the eighth most expensive.

Alen has been selected to join the Rally of the Kangasala Hall of Fame.

Markku Alen, 67

129 MM rallies
19 wins, 56 prize pools
FIA Cup Champion 1978
MM silver in 1986 and 1988
Bronze medal 1979, 1983, 1984 and 1987
6 Finland’s World Championship Rally
5 Won in the Portuguese World Championship
2 Corsican MM rally victory

Sandro Munari, 78

36 MM rallies
7 wins, 14 prize pools
FIA Cup Champion 1977


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