Mika Hakkinen’s Prestigious life-work prize in England – “It was an incredible time”

In the traditional prize gig of the British Autosport magazine, the Finnish flag was also seen on stage when Mika Häkkinen, double world champion of Formula One, was awarded with the title of Gregor Grant’s lifelong award.

In addition to Mika Häkkinen, who was nominated by Autosport Magazine’s founder Gregor Grant, this year, Jacky Ickx and Stephane Ratel were awarded this year. Before that, Häkken, Finnish motor sports legends, this award was won by rally world champions Hannu Mikkola (2000) and Ari Vatanen (2008).

This year, it was 20 years since Haki’s crowned for the first time as Formula One World Champion. The Häkken Formula 1 race started in 1991 and the first win in the Jerez race in Spain in October 1997 at the McLaren race. Häkkinen’s new championship in 1999 and a total of F1 statistics for Vantaa in 1991-2001 included a total of 161 championships, 20 prize winners, 51 prize pools and 26 pole positions.

– If we go back 20 years back then it was an incredible time. I started at Lotus Stadium, it was up and down. From there I moved to McLaren, there I had ups and downs, but also incredible time and great teammates I really learned, the only multiple Finnish world champion in Formula One World Championship history Häkkinen recalled at Autosport’s prize gig.

Recalling the Häkken F1 career, there are always great duelings against Michael Schumacher.

– He really was a great racing car. In racing cars, there have always been different personalities, but Michael was indeed a driver who focused on every detail carefully to improve not only the car, but also the whole team, Häkkinen praised his German compatriot.

The car drivers have rewarded Finnish drivers throughout the ages

Gregor Grant Prize for Life in Motor Sports

Hannu Mikkola 2000
Ari Vatanen 2008
Mika Häkkinen 2018

A racing car of the year

Keijo Rosberg 1982
Mika Häkkinen 1998 and 1999
Kimi Räikkönen 2005

Rally driver of the year

Ari Vatanen 1984
Timo Salonen 1985
Juha Kankkunen 1986, 1987 and 1993
Markku Alen 1988
Tommi Mäkinen 1996, 1997, 1998 and 1999
Marcus Grönholm 2002 and 2007
Mikko Hirvonen 2009

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