A colorful Season on the Rock, Norway’s Victory absolute Jewel – “Really hard work”

In the 2018 season, Rallycross’s international championships saw one Finnish winner as Jesse Kallio, who competed in the EM16 Super1600 class, came to a handsome class win in the Norwegian competition in June. The season offered a 19-year-old to a rookie first of all a valuable lesson for the future.

Jesse Kallio did not appear for the first time in the EM series of rallycross, and Kallio was already present in the 2016 season in a competition. The RX Academy’s 2017 achievement with the world-renowned Finnish Set Promotion team will feature a full EM series in 2018 and a successful EM-debut of two years ago made Kallio a prestigious competitor among other drivers as well.

– Well, they knew me there, but most of the drivers involved were the same as in 2016 when I was in Barcelona fourth. I also prepared to prepare for it, Kallio recalls the starting point for the first full season of his career in the international rally of the rally.

A funny coincidence hit the season’s opening contest, which was just in Barcelona, ​​Spain. After the first three rounds, Kallio was eighth and on the way to semi-finals, but the motor race in the final round of the race knew the end of the race at the start. In the next race in Portugal, Kallio fought tightly from the finals until the final round of semi-finals until the technical mishaps brought the interruption.

– Of course, the break in the first race and the last leg was annoying, not an easy start for the season. Anyway, it was all new to me, and all around it was a bit of a stir around the competition, Kallio, from April’s Barcelona EM-opening competition.

After the two disappointing races, the season continued in June in Hell Hell and Kallio headed the old familiar rumble in the back of his knees, “the third time he says.” And so it happened. In the second half of the season, Kallio drove to victory in his own semi-finals and the same pace continued in the finals, resulting in a handsome victory. The blue flags fluttered at the Hell’s Track squares as bare as the Black Renault guided by Kallio had previously crossed the finish line after six laps of a successful round.

– Portugal still had bad luck, but then everything in Norway turned. Yes it was a really cool time, definitely the best moments in the career so far. However, there was little disbelief even in the early part of the year. And with the victory, he got the chance to win the international rallicross competition, Kallio points out.

It’s a clear thing that the good start-ups or delightful overtakings are not that long after all, nothing until the driver has come out as a winner.

– Not only that I wanted to show myself capable of it but of course wanted to show it to others as well. It was an important victory for me, Kallio says half a year after the events in Norway.

“As a whole, a very educational season”

Finally, Kallio was the only Finnish winner of the 2018 rallicross season, taking into account all categories in the World Championships and EM Series. In the French race, the tire breach in the last leg of the race dropped Kallio’s starting point in the semifinals to the back row and the final was finally a dream. In Latvia, Kallio was fourth and the season ended in Germany in the second prize pool of the season, when Kallio came to the finish line in the third fastest finals.

– what we are doing I am satisfied with this season. A winning game was achieved, which was one of the goals for this season. It was really hard work behind, the EM series is hard-hearted and it’s hard for teams and drivers involved. Of course there was sadness that there was also technology with sorrows and other unlucky moments, the sixth placed in Super1600 EM points, Kallio packed the end of the season.

Without the sorrows of the beginning of the season there would have been opportunities for the EM medal, but in car racing where there is always a need to know where to go. Without the finishing touches of any Kallio in these circles, it was well-known that after the finals of the German Grand Prix finals, the EM television official commentator remarked that the top three drivers of the German competition finale, European champion Rokas Baciuska, Aydar Nuriev, and Kallio were Super1600 the top three drivers in the current season.

– Take all that benefit from this season what was gained. It was important that I learned a lot of new tracks and that whole big international series became familiar. It is also important for the future. As a whole, a highly instructive season, Kallio praises.

For the next season, there is not yet any news at this site on the Rock.

– There is no way to tell. It is hoped that this December will make the texts clearer. Work hard ahead


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