Season 2018 disappointing with Nyvall, promising better next year – “It does not happen like doing”

Tommi Nyvall, who had four races in the Rata-SM series, did not succeed in the Legends class in the current season in full compliance with his goals. He promises to come back stronger than ever before next season.

Tommi Nyvall, 25, drove in the past season in both the Rata-SM series Legends and in the Swedish Legends series. Nyvall was 26th in the Legends Trophy at the end of the season, but managed to take third place in the neighboring championship.

In June, Nyvall broke his hand in the aftermath of the Swedish Championships and was unable to participate in the next race in the domestic series. After the injury, Nyunto decided to invest primarily in the Swedish series.

– Season 2018 did not go as I had thought. The Swedish team went very well, the goal was the top three and it succeeded. Before the last race in Sweden, four drivers had the chance to win the entire series, so it was a tough one. A couple of races did not go as Strömsö, but overall it was a good season in Sweden, Nyvall times.

– The Finnish season went under the bench. Finally I drove only three races in Finland. The arm was in the pack, which is why I ran past two races. In addition, one of the Finnish races was overlapping with the Swedish race.

Nyvall calls for a fierce level in the Finnish Legends class, which is one of the reasons why he is driving in that class.

– I just did not get to the top of this year in Finland. In the Legends category, it’s good to be honest racing and the driver’s level is tough. In fact, he must give everything he can. In competitions you have to be really careful not to make mistakes. Legends is Finland’s largest racing class, we have a great gang and many drivers in every race, thanks Nyvall, representing Nykarlebynejdens Sportbilister.

Nyvall, a resident of Uussaläpylä, who lives in Munsal, will also be able to make the Finnish title better in the coming year. Nyvall, who has been in disrespect for this season, however, reminds us that faster will come no more than driving.

– You have to work harder and make the car better and the driver faster. It just does not happen. When this season was so bad, then in the coming season we are certainly stronger, says Nyvall.

Nyvall mentions the motorway of Virtanen, Alastaro. Kotorahti Kemora is also remembered. The Kemora track is on display in the Rata-SM calendar in the coming season. Nyvall will continue in the Legends class in the next season, but is still mystical about his upcoming season’s charts.

– Something new is coming. What is it, I’m not saying yet, Nyvall smiled.


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