Rosberg’s last F1 Race was a Promise to Prost – “He would have been able to do it”

The first Finnish world champion in Formula 1 history, Keijo “Keke” Rosberg, who won the royal title in 1982, will meet today on Thursday, December 6 for 70 years.

Keijo “Keke” Rosberg, born in Sweden in December 19, 1948, debuted in the Formula 1 World Championships in 1978 when he participated in the South African race at Theodore. The result was an interruption, but a major and significant part of the Finnish F1 history had begun.

Rosberg took part in the 128 F1 races (114 starts), won five of them, took the podium 17 times and started five races at the pole position. By leaving 1982, Rosberg had only succeeded in winning one prize pool (Argentina in 1980 third), but the championship season brought them six more and the latest was also the first race in the career that came to the Swiss GP in Dijon, France.

In addition to Theodore, Rosberg represented the ATS, Wolf, Fittipaldi, Williams and McLaren races in the Royal Games category. The F1 career finally ended in the 1986, the first and the last McLaren. Rosberg’s team-mate was led by world-renowned world champion Alain Prost, who also made his new championship. Instead, in the World Championships, McLaren suffered a humble defeat (96-141) for Williams, which Rosberg had represented the previous four.

In 1986, Rosberg achieved only one prize pool, the second in Monaco, and the sixth place finish at the end of the World Cup. In the 1985 season, Rosberg was ranked third at the end of the World Championships, and most of all thanks to the excellent end of the season, when the last four races were fourth, third, second and final.

– I want to thank Keke for his help in the World War II. He had a bad luck, but he is a great guy and he is really sorry to stop competing, in addition to the 1985 and 1986 World Championship championships as F1 champion in 1989 and 1993, Prost said in Antti Puskalan’s interview with the Formula Keke book published in 1986.

Keijo “Keke” at Rosberg’s 1982 F1 championship in Williams on the wheel (Photo: Good Year Media).

“All kinds of nasty gossip”

Particularly in the early part of the season, Prost and Rosberg were alleged to be in the middle of each other and that this would have affected McLaren’s impact during the season.

– He and I went around all sorts of bad gossip so that we would not work with each other and that he would be a tricky type and kind. But I can honestly say that our cooperation went smoothly, really nice, Prost praised 32 years ago.

Proportion of Prost and Rosberg’s good turnaround offered the Finnish driver a promise to his friend at the end of the season’s race that was run on the Adelaide Street in Australia. When Prost fought against the world championships against Nigel Mansell and Nelson Piqueta, he knew that Rosberg would take part in the final Formula 1 World Cup race.

– In the morning of the competition day he promised me that if he were in the lead at the end of the competition and I was second, he would get me past the world championship. Damn that such a situation did not arise, because I would have liked to be able to show everyone that he would have been able to do it, Prost assured me.

Rosberg, who led the race for 56 laps, had to suspend twenty rounds before the check in, as a result of a tire crash. congratulates 70-year-old Keijo “Keke” Rosberg, the real multiplayer of live sports and live legends!

Rosberg’s prizes in Formula 1 World Series

1980 – Argentina 3.
1982 – United States 2.
1982 – Belgium 2.
1982 – The Netherlands 2.
1982 – Germany 3.
1982 – Austria 2.
1982 – France 1.
1983 – Monaco 1.
1983 – United States 2.
1984 – Brazil 2.
1984 – United States 1.
1985 – United States 1.
1985 – France 2.
1985 – English 3.
1985 – South Africa 2.
1985 – Australia 1.
1986 – Monaco 2.

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