A Major Change in the Rallicross MM Series of Competitions

In the Rallicross MM series, ten races will be held next year. This year, the US competition for the first time in the World Championships was dropped off by the FIA ​​World Council’s decision.

For the first time in 2014, the World Series of Rally Championships will be the lowest ever in the number of races next year, as the series of 12 races (2015 races 13) in the previous years will shrink for ten races. The 11 race calendar appearing earlier in the autumn was still changing at the FIA ​​World Council meeting, where it was decided to drop the US race scheduled for the last weekend of September.

– After listening to the FIA ​​and the World Series of Teams, we have decided to reduce the number of races in the World Series Calendar for the 2019 season. This decision has been made to keep the costs down for the teams and to keep the series as competitive as possible, “says Paul Bellamy, rally champion World Championships.

Another change was the season-ending of the Cape Town competition, which ran from the last weekend of November to the beginning of November. The United States performed this year for the first time in the Rally Championship in the World Cup Race Calendar. According to Bellamy, the US return to the World Cup is possible in a couple of years.

– On the last weekend of September (Austin), the Americas Rallycross Series race is being held, where MM teams are welcome to compete, but this is not the World Series of Championships. The intention is to make a return to the United States under the World Series of Championships in the season 2021 with the help of electric cars, Bellamy reveals.

Marcus Grönholm, who competed in the World Series of Racing Team GRX Taneco, was one of the backbone of the World Series Championships that rolled out last week in an interview with British Motorsport.com from the World Cup race calendar.

– They announced a competition calendar with Abu Dhabi, Canada, the United States and South Africa. The teams asked for a 10-race race calendar where there was no need to travel so much and what we got? 11 competitions and a lot of traveling, Grönholm was surprised.

Fully new races next year in the World Series are the opening season of Abu Dhabi and the Belgian race on the legendary Spa track, which is also intended to include the Eau Rouge classic racing track on the rallycross track. Previously the Belgian race was run on the Mettet track. Both Abu Dhabi and Belgian Spa are now linked to the World Cup by a long agreement.

In addition to the United States and Belgian Mettet, this year’s World Championships will not be able to see Portugal and Germany next year. Both the Mettet, as well as Portugal’s Montalegre and the German Estering, have been running the World Series Championship for the first time ever since the World Series.

Next season, the World Championships have been featured in all seasons – Norwegian Hell, Sweden’s Höljes, Canadian Trois-Rivieres, and French Loheac. Earlier this year, Tierp’s new run publicly launched a challenge to Höljes for organizing the Swedish World Championship, but a quick response was made when the World Series of Champions signed a five-year contract with Höljes.

Rallicross MM Series Competition Calendar 2019

05.04.-06.04. Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
27.04.-28.04. Barcelona, ​​Spain
11.05.-12.05. Spa, Belgium
25.05.-26.05. Silverstone, England
15.06.-16.06. Hell, Norway
06.07.-07.07. Höljes, Sweden
03.08.-04.08. Trois-Rivieres, Canada
31.08.-01.09. Loheac, France
14.09.-15.09. Riga, Latvia
09.11.-10.11. Cape Town, South Africa

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