Pale debuted the rally car on the wheel, the scene of the legendary Monza – “Visibility almost zero”

Many of the RVC drivers can not say that they did their rally debut in Monza’s legendary motorbike in Italy. Aku Pellinen can.

In 2010, in Europe, a series of brand series, and Aku Pellinen, 25, competing in the TCR International series, will take part in the Monza Rally Show in Italy on the 16th Monza Motor Show this weekend. Special trials on Friday, Saturday and Sunday run on asphalt for a total of nine, with a length of 144 kilometers, and special tests are built around the Monza motorway.

The Tampere-based Pellinen and map reader Juha Laiho will compete in the Skoda Fabia R5 car from the Italian Sportec Engineering team. After the two special tests run on Friday, two of the competitors holding R5 have 54.

– “Shakedown” in the morning asked for new tires, and more, to the “setuppi” of the car. The flu was just about to be compared to others. The first two races in the competition were then held in the evening and both in the dark, which may not have been the easiest way to start the first rally in my life, Pellinen commented on JENT Motorsport Videos on Facebook.

The gap to the top two special stages, with a total length of 13 kilometers, was slightly below one minute.

– In the first, the extra lights sank to the skies, so the visibility in the dark was almost zero. As a result, one tight needle eye came to the eyes and the body was turned off. It took quite a lot of time to wasted when scratching. It was a bit longer, and in time it went much better, Pellinen told the opening day events.

Pellinen started racing in karting in 2000 and in 2010 he landed in Finland as a master of the V1600 Cup racing car. In 2012 Puto won the Trofeo Abarth 500 Europe championship and the following year, the Italian Seat Ibiza Cup became third place. In 2014, Pellinen was ranked third in the category of racing cars in the TCR category in Europe. The Italian Porsche Carrera Cup became the seventh place in 2015 and in that same season he also competed in the Porsche Super Cup.

The Monza Rally Show continues on Saturday morning and the day’s program features four specials with a total length of 72.98 kilometers.


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