The “acting hero” of the year, the award-winning Suninen

Teemu Suninen was awarded the FIA ​​Award Winner in St. Petersburg, Russia, with the Action of the Year prize. However, Sunin did not qualify for the prize because the M-Sport Ford driver competes this weekend at Italian Monza.

Teemu Suninen’s great close up was the situation in last summer’s World Championships in Finland and the Äänekoski Special Tour conquered the hearts of rally fans all over the world and the performance was voted the winner of the Action of the Year award this year. The award for the “action hero” with Sunis was, among others, Sebastien Loeb, Daniel Ricciardo and Mick Schumacher. You can look at the video from Sunise’s earnings below.

– Great! I did not intend to take part in that contest this way, but now that I did and I got this award, thank you to everyone who voted for it, “commented Suninen on her Facebook page.

The winner’s name was announced at the FIA ​​prize gala in St. Petersburg, Russia on Friday night. Sun is not in the gala spot because he is competing for Monza’s legendary motor racing this weekend at the Monza Rally Show for the 16th time. It is a special rally, where three days of asphalt drive on nine new specials (144.17 km) built around the Monza motorway.

Rally started on Friday night with two specials and Suninen, together with his new kart player Marko Salminen, are in second place in the Ford Fiesta WRC car. Before the Finns, only the real specialty of this race, the MotoGP legend Valentino Rossi, who won the Monza Rally Show competition seven times. Three profits have come in the last three years. Ross’s and Sun’s time difference is 7.1 seconds.

Suninen drove 12 races in the World Series of Rally Championship this season, including 11 WRC competitions in the Ford WRC. The best rank was the third place in Portugal, which was also the first prize for Sunise career in the World Series. At the end of the World Championships, Sunise’s position was 12. Suninen will continue at M-Sport Ford’s next season.

The Monza Rally Show will continue on Saturday morning and the day’s program will have four specials with a total length of 72.98 kilometers. Aku Pellinen and Juha Laiho will also bring Finnish colors to this year’s competition.


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