For Atte Varta, the pioneer of the new rallicross series – “Inspicable to get involved”

The sports car driver Atte Varsta has been named the commercial leader of the new Global Rallycross Europe series that will start next year.

The name Global Rallycross was previously known as a rallycross series for car racing to the next public in the United States. The best known GRC known series was run behind the rapak in 2011-2017 and its championship was won by Finnish skiers Toomas “Topi” Heikkinen (2013) and Joni Wiman (2014). Over the years Marcus Grönholm and Sebastien Loeb visited the world championships of the Rally in the GRC series.

This year, the GRC series was not launched because the promoter of the series ran into bankruptcy during the season. Austrian MJP Promotions, who has also run MJP Racing Team Austria in rallycross, owns the rights of the Global Rallycross brand. The series will be launched by Global Rallycross Europe in Europe next year and in 2020 will also be expanded to other continents.

As a global leader in Global Rallycross Europe, MJP Promotions has named Atte Varja, the car racing driver who this year worked as a team leader for the French G-Fors in the rallycross EM series. In addition, Varsta has previously worked as a manager of Albatec Racing, as well as manager of several motorcycle racing events.

– I’m excited to have an experienced Atte Varsta by our team. He will play an important role in our success as GRC’s commercial leader, CEO of Global Rallycross Europe, Max J. Pucher.

Varka will be responsible for a series of commercial activities such as driver contracts and business operations. The drivers are sure to be in the next season with Toomas “Topi” Heikkinen, and ex-F1 driver Alexander Wurz.

– In recent years, rallycross has become one of the most popular motor sport series in the world. I have over the years in various motor racing as a professional rooleissani seen how Rallycross expenses atop species have escaped out of control. The goal of GRC Europe is to provide top-level rallicross for a small part of the costs we are accustomed to in this sport. It is something that kind of person needs and what was personally inspiring to go in, says Varsta.

– I want to thank Max Puch for the faith and trust he has shown me. I am excited to be part of the Global Europe Rallycros organization, Varsta more.


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