A Historic Moment in St. Petersburg, Mäkinen Cloaked the Trophy as the Double Leader

Toyota Gazoo Racing’s victorious carmakers world championships in the Rally World Championship this season came from Tommi Makinen, the world’s first driver of the World Series of World Championships, who has also won the World Championship as a Team Manager.

It is a fun coincidence that when Tommi Mäkinen reached the fourth and final drivers world championships at the end of the 1999 season, Toyota celebrated Toyota at the same time as the latest carmakers world championships before this year. Toyota’s factory withdrew from the Rally World Championships as a champion since 1999 after returning back last year and in Mäkinen’s lead.

Last year, Toyota ranked M-Sport Ford at the World Championships, and third after Hyundai, but this year Mäkinen’s stables always rolled into the championship. It won the highest number of races (5) during the season, with the highest number of prize pools (14), and Toyota’s nearly-in-demand specials (112) were driven by Hyundai and M-Sport Ford (115). The 13-race World Series ended in Australia in November at the Toyota Championships.

– Three and a half years ago we started this project and now we are here. Our strategy worked faster than we had thought. From 2016 to 2017, we gathered to learn and analyze different things until we started to develop a car this year. In the mid-season crowns we found several areas where we were still able to develop, Mäkinen commented after the Australian World Rally.

Mäkinen slammed the championship at Toyota Gazoo Racing on Friday at the FIA ​​prize pool in St. Petersburg, Russia. Never before in the rally World Championships nobody has come to both the World Championships for the Drivers and the World Champion of Car Manufacturers as a Team Manager before Mäkinen.

The Toyotalle character race was the fourth in the World Series of Rally Championships. The only statistics above are Lancia (10 championships), Citroen (8), and Peugeot (5). In the four categories of rallies in the 1973-2018 World Series, both the Volkswagen and the Ford have come to Toyota.

World Champion of Rally MM Series Car Manufacturers

Alpine-Renault 1973
Lancia 1974-1976
Fiat 1977-1978
Ford 1979
Fiat 1980
Talbot 1981
Audi 1982
Lancia 1983
Audi 1984
Peugeot 1985-1986
Lancia 1987-1992
Toyota 1993-1994
Subaru 1995-1997
Mitsubishi 1998
Toyota 1999
Peugeot 2000-2002
Citroen 2003-2005
Ford 2006-2007
Citroen 2008-2012
Volkswagen 2013-2016
Ford 2017
Toyota 2018

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