Against a Masterpiece, Again a Strong Position for Prizes

The Rally World Cup 2018 was awarded with trophies at the FIA ​​prize gala last Friday in St. Petersburg, Russia. The champion championship championship revamped the debate again and accelerated Sebastien Ogier’s charter Julien Ingrassia.

Where championships for car manufacturers and drivers are world-class, they are handsome, look-alike and identical, and the championship championship for map readers was just like Puijo’s tower alongside the Eiffel Tower. Six consecutive world championships (2013-2018) Julien Ingrassia, 39, who won Sebastien Ogier’s maple reader, took a stand on the championship championship of kartite a year ago.

– I am very disappointed, once again, the fact that the championship winning co-driver does not deserve “champion trophy”. Why do car manufacturers and drivers get a handsome and beautiful trophy, where all the names of the champions are engraved, but the same is not for the map reader, Ingrassia wrote on his Facebook page in December 2017.

Ingrassi’s strong statement one year ago did not come to fruition, but this year the map reader wore a small trophy in the prize gig, while Toyota, the world champion of car manufacturers, and Ogier, who won the world championship championship, got vented with big trophies that are the prize draw.

This time, Ingrassia was not disappointed with the level of Facebook writing alone, but with a live sign on the stage, combined with a serious expression, and mentioning it in a separate thank you would finally be coming to the FIA, as well. at what level it should be.

Later on, Ingrassia published a Facebook page on the theme of an artist’s drawing, where stack books were stacked under the map reader’s trophy.

– Dam Charles Artwork found a solution. When you do not get in the door, then go to the window, Ingrassia said in the picture.

Just like a year ago, so now in Ingramala’s direction, too, social media support and understanding came to fruition. One of them was the winner of the Dakar rally, top-ranking himself, Frenchman Mathieu Baumel.

– You’re right, Julien, there’s nothing to change. Why a small prize, yes, the map reader deserves the same recognition as the driver, Baumel twitched.

Rally Officer Miika Wuorela found a solution to the situation via sarcasm, sending greetings to Ogier and Ingrassi for the next season’s employer, Citroen.

– Citroen should move Julien’s bench a few inches forward. He never crosses the finish line at the same time, I think the reason is that Wuorela wrote on Twitter.

In several tweets it was also highlighted that the rally is team sports where both the stables, the driver and the map readers play a big role in the success. The prize won by Ingras was considered a shameful and immediate change required.

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