Linda Vekka switched Swimming Pools to Motorcycles – “This is all I want to do”

Linda Vekka is a young woman whose heart picks up at the pace of a racing car’s engine. In recent years, Vekka has been driving the V1600 class of standard cars in the SM-series, which has been successful in the Northern European championship.

Linda Vekka, a 19-year-old living in Parola, has been driving motor racing for whom driving is life and life. Veka’s previous competition has passed through the V1600 line-up where he has enjoyed the car for the past four years.

– I was 15 when I got my first Alfan. Dad sells tires here on the track and has become almost the whole life twisted with his father on the track to watch the races. That’s what it was, then. I first started to compete and initially I did not get to run when my parents wanted me to swim. I was nine years old and then I just got to change the species. That was the way to go, Vekka remembers.

The spark for car racing was traditionally inspired by the family and the parents. So far, Vekka has only driven in the V1600, but dreams are also sprouting on other types of running games.

– Dad has rallied, and the dad and the mother have been in the car, so I ran into the race. V1600-class is the only class that I have ever driven. Some other cars have been tried. We have plans, but they are still open. The budget side is always a big question. Something else to dream than V1600. Let’s go to the Citroën Cup and one option would also be the Xtreme BMW Cup, Vekka reveals.

The best manners of Veka’s trophy collection are the bronze medal of the V1600 North European championship this year. Vekka also rejoices with the singular success of the competition weekend.

– A couple of years ago, in the SM-races for the first time in Ahvenisto, on Black Alpha, and I was immediately in the top five in time. It was a great feeling.

“I have not been such a person myself”

Vekka has been seriously engaged in competition, but a young woman in a car sports frenzy decided to focus all her efforts on racing. It is also important to maintain physical fitness in motor sports.

– Swimming was left when the coach said he had to take part in all the training. You did not have to go for car races when you should have been swimming. I then announced that I change the species completely. I took a moment’s crossfit training, but I went to the gym to practice the sport. With the dog I will also have to fall and I like to fall in the winter.

Vekka does not feel that being a woman is a hindrance to the motor racing career. On the contrary, he emphasizes the good mutual mood of race drivers in racing.

– Maybe that’s what if suddenly you start to make it, then you’re wondering if there’s something in the background. I have not been such a person myself. Be in good standing with everyone. We have a good spirit today, Vekka praises.

Motorsports largely fills Veka’s whole life and leisure, but Vekka does not choose. He does not feel left out of anything but, on the contrary, can do just what he loves.

– This is all I want to do. I do not want to do anything other than drive. If any of the others were to ask, then it would probably be a minus one to miss all the birthday parties, the Sister Rippijuhlat and others. Yes, however, they seek and find time. From time to time in Tampere and Tampere back to Hämeenlinna every day. Then I do my homework and go to the gym, so I’m fine for driving. Then I go to bed.

Veka’s future work is strongly linked to motor sports and the goal is at the highest level possible, as is the case for a competitive sportsman.

– I’m on track in motor sports, but not myself as a driver. I am now a sports massage therapist school, where I study sports and a personal trainer. It would be great if you could train and train juniors. The dream profession would then be in Formula 1 or the like. I’m trying to read it as a sports massage, a physiotherapist and a personal trainer, but that personal trainer is perhaps the most my thing. They are like a trio, which is a good complement to each other. The first option would be to become a racing driver, but it will start to be a bit late.

Veka’s whims are spreading into a broad smile as speech moves to Formula One. Vekka has been following formulas for a while and has been impressed by one special moment of Monaco’s competitions.

– I (Daniel) Ricciardo fan. She’s just one of my number one. When we were in Monaco to watch the races, I got him a nigger. It was a wonderful moment, Vekka laughs.


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