Niko Kari Ended His Time With Successful Tests – “Good Pleasure Left”

This year, in Formula 2, as well as GP3-runner Niko Kari decided to compete for Abu Dhabi GP3 tests in the last week of November.

At the same time on the Abu Dhabi racing circuit, where the Formula 1 World Championships were held and the Formula 2 season’s last races, in Formula 2, their third and fourth run-offs were driven by Niko Kari, who did not even target a small Christmas holiday after the races, car in the car. In the GP3 series tests, the Finn guided Trident tracks with excellent results.

On the first day of testing on Thursday, Kari immediately found the feel of his new car, harnessing his driving skills for a handsome performance. Throughout the day and changing conditions, Kari was always among the top cars, keeping most of the time the fastest lap time. In the last hour, Kari shook his best lap, clock stopped at 1.53.890, which was more than half a second faster than the fastest time of Jehan’s Crane.

– The tour succeeded in the button. The car felt good and it was pleasant to carry. Everyone succeeded through the day, Kari commented.

Karin’s gorgeous thrill remained on the second day of the test as the Finnish driver kept the fastest pace on Friday as well. Kari drove the best rally for the entire driver in the morning session. At its best, the clock stopped at 1.54.683.

In the afternoon, Kari focused on collecting more laps on his belt, but the pace was still on its way. The result was the eighth fastest time of the afternoon session. Nobody, however, came close to Karin’s morning sun, so the Finnish name looks like yesterday at the top of the result list for the day of the test.

With the introduction of the tests, Kari can spend a short winter holiday on driving. Hink is back in the competition, however. The momentum in the tests tells about the undeniable potential and talent of a man.

– Good tests were and a good feeling of these days was missed. The morning of the first test day had to get used to GP3 after the Formula 2 racer, but quickly found the right rhythm. We tested different things and the pace improved all the time, Kari ebbed after a two-day test.

Even though there is a small driving distance in front, Kari does not go to the vacation home. There is a return to the gray of the army.

– We put the bark and the poppy in shape. Looking at the future of the future, Kari answered in a mysterious way.

Niko Karin season 2018

Formula 2 (MP Motorsport) 4 races, 0 points, best rank 15.
GP3 (MP Motorsport) 14 races, 6 points, best rank 6.


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