Printsport’s second new Volkswagen R5 car to the Swedish driver’s hands

Eero Raikkonen Printsport will bring two new Volkswagen Polo R5 trucks to Rovaniemi in the opening season for the next season’s SM Series. They will be shown by Emil Lindholm and Lars Stugemo.

Lars Stugemo, 57, is a Swedish entrepreneur who was founded in 1995 by HiQ, currently managing its position as Managing Director. In 2014, Stugemo ranked fifth in the Swedish Rally Championship at the end of the T4WD class. In his first rally on the Finnish roads, Stugemo drove in 2015, when he was ranked 18th in the Tampere World Championship overall.

Stugemo has participated in the Finnish World Rally in 2016-2018 and in the Portuguese EMR Rally he was seen in the spring of 2016. This year, Stugemo took part in three SM rallies, the best of which came in June from Seinäjoki. Stugemo together with his map reader Kalle Lexen ranked SM1 at 10th place.

The Tunturiralli opening Rally SM Series 2019 will be run in the Rovaniemi neighborhood on the last weekend of January.


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