Rallymprint master Mika Lemmetti switch to rally – “Goals set”

Mika Lemmetti won the rally print of the two-legged Finnish championship in 2017 and drove silver halves this season. More than ten years of sprinting tracks Lemmetti Now racing into the world of rally, the car will be BMW and the main goal is the rally Finnish Junior Championship.

Mika Lemmetti started the rally printing of the youth category in 2005 with Toyota Starlet. After joining the juniors, the result was a silver medal of “junnucup”. In the general class, the investments are rotating from the beginning near the tip but just outside the medals, with Lemmet being second to fourth or fifth. The full moon, long chased championship, liberated Lemmet’s wild victory dance.

– Confirmation of the championship in Huittinen was an emotional moment. We had a firstborn, wonderful baby girl in the week, and the feelings were on the surface. I could not avoid tears when the win came, Lemmet times a memorable event.

In the following season, the loser wins five of the six races, but it was not enough to renew the championship.

– Jari-Matti Tiilikka was now better, all of awe to him. So far I leave those fields to others, some of the individual sprints I can run, Lemmet is planning.

In the 2019 season, Lemmet’s main objective is the Juniors SM Series and Jussi-Pekka Tiilikka is sitting on the map reader’s bench. In the F-Rally series, Eetu Hellsten is the manager of the map. The Lemmer rally is one season long, and in 2008 he went to F-Cup J-juniors with Jouni Näsman. Now the couple is back together with a few comics.

– Last season I experienced a single rally. It went so well that the idea of ​​replacing the species got extra knock. The goals are set and yes the look is aimed at the SM medal. I believe that many others have the same goal, so I look forward to great battles with the new rivals, Lemmetti decided.

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