The Ekstrom team does not continue in the World Series of Rally Championships

In the Rallicross World Championships, the EKS team, led by Mattias Ekstrom, who has been involved since its first season in 2014, will not be included in the World Championships next season.

The owner of the EKS team, Mattias Ekström, announced on a decision in the team’s social media on Monday. The video has been photographed last Friday at the FIA ​​prize gala in St Petersburg, Russia, where EKS team drivers Ekström and Andreas Bakkerud drew the second and third prize of the drivers’ World Series.

– After five incredible years, we have decided that we will not be in the World Cup next year. Time tells us what to do next or we do nothing, Ekström says in the video.

Ekström founded the EKS team in 2014, when it also participated in the World Series of Rally Championships. For the first time in the world championships, EKS announced that it would fight for the next season 2015. The fifth was the result until the 2016 season: Ekström and Toomas “Topi” Heikkinen brought EKS the team’s world championships and Ekström celebrated the world championship of drivers.

In the 2017 season, EKS ranked third in the World Championships and at the end of that season, the team’s continuation in the World Championships was threatened for the first time. Ekström’s team has competed throughout its existence in Aude, and when Aud’s plant eventually joined the team to support the team this year, Ekström decided once more to try. During the current year, however, Audi announced that while the World Series was still in its midst, its support for the Ekstrom team ended this season and again EKS was the subject of various threats.

Ekström himself announced that the season had decided after the South African race that the career in rallycross driver was over. Ever since last summer, Ekström has been pushing heavily to the team manager for DTM. Bakkerud, on the other hand, will start DTM tests in Jerez, Spain on Monday, where Audi called him in addition to five other drivers. This is Audi’s so-called. a result test to find new skilled drivers for DTM. Bakkerud does not have any previous DTM experience.

Ekström also reported on the video that the Audi S1 ​​Supercar cars in use by the EKS team will be available for sale and the Swede would hope to see them in the World Series next year in one way or another.


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