M-Sport’s Sequel to the World Series Continues to be a Question Mark

Malcolm Wilson’s continuation of the M-Sport series in the rally MM series is still uncertain. At that point, Wilson confirmed that if they are in the World Championships next year, the British team will be pursuing success with two cars and drivers.

Although the two latest M-Sport races in the World Series of Rally have been successful with the three world championships, the British team, led by Malcolm Wilson, has been in a difficult position for just the past couple of months to reach the new season starting in Monte Carlo.

Wilson talked about his present situation openly and directly on the Monday podcast of Talkativen. According to Wilson, even though the stadium has been able to compete for competitive success, so on the commercial side things have not gone as well. With Sebastien Ogier’s move to Citroen, Red Bull will not be supporting M-Sport in the future for a couple of years with a significant amount of Euro support.

“We are working very hard to be able to continue in the World Championship and at the top of the list,” Wilson points out.

At the moment M-Sport will have a driver agreement with Teemu Sunis for the first time, who has been a driver for the last two seasons.

– It was always clear to us that we will continue with Teema. He has really developed a lot in the little time he has been with us. I am fully convinced that he will be the future big star of the World Championship, Wilson praises suomalaissuojattiaan.

Currently, without the agreement of the factory model for the next season, drivers include Sebastien Loeb, Craig Breen, Mads Östberg, Hayden Paddon, Pontus Tidemand, and Elfyn Evans, who has been in the field for M-Sport.

– Evans is still in the charts when thinking of drivers for the next season, Wilson confirmed.

On Loeb’s situation, Wilson took a stand in the interview with Rallysport Magazine, stating that there had been no conversations with the French Champion and it is too early at this stage to consider whether Loeb M-Sport’s Ford Fiesta WRC will drive next season or not.

If Wilson got the package in such a sequence that the stack would continue in the World Series and Loeb would be one of the stables drivers, then M-Sport’s driver configuration would be Loeb and Suninen. If Loeb does not go to the rack, then the drivers are Suninen and somebody else because:

– If we’re in the next season, then we’re in two cars. Not three, Wilson confirmed.

Earlier in December, the Citroen Stake confirmed that it will go to the World Series next season with two cars run by Ogier, and Esapekka Lappi. It is clear that M-Sport and Citroen’s two-legged cars will be fairly balanced in the car manufacturers’ championship fight against the three-car Toyota and Hyundai.

The Rally World Series 2019 season starts in the traditional style of the Monte Carlo race in the French Alps on January last weekend.

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