Autosport: Sebastien Loeb Hyundai Rally World Series 2019

According to information from the British magazine Autosport, Sebastien Loeb, the most successful driver of the World Series of Rally Championship ever competes in 2019 in the colors of the Hyundai model.

In the 2012 World Series of Rally World Championships and in the World Championships of 2013, Sebastien Loeb, 44, made a surprising return to the World Cup this year when the Frenchman drove the Mexican, Corsican and Spanish rallies in the colors of Citroen. Loeb already showed speed in Mexico and Corsica in spring, and in the autumn of Spain, when Loeb drove to a terrific victory.

Loeb has compete for the last three in the World Series of Rally Championships and this year for the first time in the Peugeot factory. However, Peugeot announced that he would withdraw completely from motor sport after the end of the season and when the second shareholder of the PSA Group Citroen lost his main stand for the World Series 2019, Loebilta closed the door for Citroen for MM races next season.

The gridlock for Loeb’s future has, of course, been running for the rest of the year in tough races, and the ninth-round world champion has been going for example to M-Sport Ford and Hyundai. Now, according to British magazine Autosport, Loeb would have signed an agreement with Hyundai for the next season and that the agreement would be released this Thursday.

If this really happens, then the agreement is significant, as it is the first contract between Loeb’s professional career outside the PSA Group. Loeb has been in competition for the French car in the car for over twenty years, in the World Series of Rally, Rally Championship, Dakar Rally, and Radall.

Hyundai did not naturally confirm to Autosport the information it received, but its team manager Alain Penasse admitted that discussions with Loeb have taken place. Loeb has previously announced that he is not going to drive the full set of World Championships anymore and Loeb does not have a rally in the Dakar rally for the Monte Carlo season opening contest. Loeb competes in the Dakar Rally with PH Sport’s Peugeot, while Hyundai has announced the Monte Carlo driver configuration to Thierry Neuville, Dani Sordon and Andreas Mikkelsenin.

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