Bottas does not Plan to Go to Rovaniemi to See the Scenery

At the launch of the Arctic Lapland Rally in the Rally SM-season 2019, the end of January will see the true stellar of car racing, while F1 driver Valtteri Bottas will compete in the rally’s royal class WRC racing. The “Flying Finn – Task in Tunturi” challenge is the world champion Timo Rautiainen, the world champion of the rally.

Valtteri Bottas, who fights Formula 1 World Championships next season, will make a new start in the beginning of the year. He meets the Arctic Challenge with the legendary racing on the Arctic Circle, to which he races M-Sport’s Ford Fiesta RS WRC. Sebastien Ogier has won the two most recent rally world championships with the same team in the same team.

– This is a unique opportunity to explore the world of rally cars. Thanks to everyone who makes it possible. Experience is completely new for me, and neither does the WRC have any previous feelings. Still, a racing car driver when I am, so always going to be full, was any device, “says Goodbye and Waiting Bottas.

Bottas enjoys a world-class chart in the Arctic Lapland Rally, with Marcus Grönholm joining two world championships, Timo Rautiainen. Rautia has not been accustomed to seeing other than Grönholm, but the now open opportunity made him at least a temporary return to map reader. In addition to Stockholm, Rautiainen has worked as a map reader for Sebastian Lindholm and Mikko Kalliomaa.

– I have been in my life only three drivers ride, but the mission received were interesting take up the challenge. I believe that in tests we will get a good wheelchair driver like Valtteri for driving a good basic routine. The challenge, of course, is to learn when we are learning how to play and record while, “says Rautiainen.

The Flying Finn concept, built by a Finnish motorcycle racer, has produced world-leading Finnish motor racing tops. Botta’s “Task in Tunturi” challenge is part of this whole. The Flying Finn driver will accelerate the competition with a blue-colored car with a winged name, the appearance of which will be revealed later.

– Flying Finn, The task at Tunturi is a spectacular breakthrough for the car racing season 2019 and the sequel to the Flying Finns, Challenge in the Sky, shown last summer. The Flying Finn theme goes to AKK’s events this year with Neste Rally, and the season culminates at the beginning of September at the Kart World Championships, the Flying Finn Race. We wish Valtteri a great rally experience and welcome the public to encourage the rally SM-season’s memorable opening, AKK’s Marketing Manager Rita Pasanen wishes.

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