Finnish History of Karting World Championships in Autumn

Kauhavan Alaharma, on the PowerPark track, will be measured in September next year in the Karting World Championship. A great international event is a great effort for a sports car association for AKK and its Flying Finn group. The Flying Finn Race offers world-class stars and the expectation of Finnish success is high.

Karting World Championships were not previously in Finland. driven by the one-off method. The Flying Finn Race is not only a significant venue for the Finnish car racing event, but also for the Finnish forward karting drivers.

– Getting a contest in Finland has been a long process and a really hard thing. The first contacts with FIA were taken five years ago. We are most favored by the fact that the EM Kart of Finland, organized in Finland in 2017, was a top-level arrangement and also a top-level framework, rejoices in AKK President Juhani Pakari.

– Karting is a youth category, which is really important for motor sports. It is special to get its value competition to Finland. Even in the European Championships the spectators were full and we saw a great race. Drivers, teams and CIK-FIA praised the competition to be the best in the world and driving the world, our forward-looking drivers are eager to get the competition in Finland, Pakari continues.

This year, Kristianstad, Sweden’s Karting World Championship wins over 200 competitors only. The Kristianstad race was held by the CIK-FIA president and former Formula 1 driver Felipe Massa, as well as Formula One World Champion Nico Rosberg, who heads his own team. In Kauhavan Alahärmä, they may well see their addition to their own team-leading F1 driver Ralf Schumacher, as well as his son’s support for the karting career and the next Juan Pablo Montoya.

The bet on the Flying Finn Race will be significant on a large front. Jyrki Järvilehto, an autosportist, an expert member of the Organizing Committee, looks forward to wrapping the sleeves.

– It’s great to be part of organizing the Kart World Championships in Finland. AKK itself has a tremendous experience of organizing events, so a great race is definitely coming. I believe that I can bring my own views into the arrangements. PowerPark is a gorgeous environment to organize a competition, it is built internationally to the environment as it is on the turn, Järvilehto heals.

Järvilehto describes the event as unique for both species, traditions and success.

– This is a great continuation for the EM races last year. This is a unique story not only for Finnish autobusiness, but also for people on the stage and on the track. Small juniors can see the World Championship in close proximity to the world championship. In karting, the competition is extremely tough, so if you are able to drive to the top of the MM level, the stairs forward are open, Järvilehto recalls.

The Flying Finn concept, built by a Finnish motorcycle racer, has produced world-leading Finnish motor racing tops. The Flying Finn theme will take place in AKK’s events in 2019, starting with the Rally SM Series season at Neste Rally, culminating in the beginning of September at the World Championships in Karting, the Flying Finn Race.

– In September, we will be able to enjoy the MM-level Flying Finn Racja, where we can see all-time coverage of successful Finnish drivers, Pakari emphasizes.

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