Jump to Ogier aboard! Master’s Journey from Monte Carlo to Australia

In the latest video of the Rally MM Series official YouTube channel, the world-famous driver of Sebastien Ogier, the Ford Fiesta WRC car, is on track for all 13 races, from Monte Carlo’s opening to the season-ending Australian race.

Sebastien Ogier and his map reader Julien Ingrassia rolled this year in the World Series of Rally for the sixth consecutive World Champion. The first four championships came in 2013-2016 with Volkswagen and last year, as well as M-Sport in Ford this year. Ogier and Ingrassie won the sixth championship with four races, six prizes, and 38 specials.

The Rally Championship Series 13 season is a tough job for talents, drivers and map readers alike. With the latest MM video on the official YouTube channel, the viewers will have access to all of Ogier’s Ford’s season’s all-season races, while over 8 minutes of video will change the conditions and landscapes at a fast pace, giving the video an excellent example of how versatile the variety of countries and conditions offered by the rally MM series .

In the season 2019, Ogier and Ingrassia compete in the colors of Citroen. The season will start in the last weekend of January at the legendary Monte Carlo race in the French Alps.


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