Baumschlager Has Two New Polo’s Em Series

Rally’s EM Series R5 cars are known to be the main driver, so it is clear that Volkswagen’s new Polo GTI R5 cars will be seen in this European series next season. One of the EM Series Volkswagen drivers in the coming season is an experienced Hungarian, MOL Racing Team Norbert Herczig.

The Rally World’s highly anticipated Volkswagen Polo GTI R5 debut competition was the Spanish rally in October. The first new Polot to be delivered to customers were received in November by a 14-point Rally of Austria and Raimund Baumschlager running their own RBR team, to which three of these new cars took place.

The Baumschlager team has competed in recent years with the Skoda Fabia R5, and the team also gained a lot of publicity when Baumschlager himself participated in the Austrian rally series in 2017 with Sebastien Ogier’s old Volkswagen WRC. The Baumschlager also belonged to Volkswagen’s new R5 car test group, so it was clear that the RBR team will be operating in the future with these new cars.

When the Baumschlager team was the first Volkswagen customer to receive these new cars, it was quite natural that the first race in the new car for customer use was also run at the Baumschlager Volkswagen team. The driver was Vojtech Stajf, who ranked fifth in the Prague miniature ranks in the Czech Republic. The win was not far away, as Stajf led the race quite well even before the last special test, but the Czech driver crashed in the final special test for driving defeat.

Hungarian driver in Hungarian clubs, seven EM races

According to Baumschlager, his team of two Polo will compete next season in the rally EM series. One of them is seen in the hands of Norbert Herczig. The 43-year-old Hungarian four-time rider had nine or nine EM-rallies in the 1997-2003 season, but now the Hungarian driver ran nearly a full set (six races), sixth at the end of the race. The hardest performances of Herczig hit the summer rowbars when Greece became the second in the general competition and third in Cyprus.

Herczig competed in the EM series with the Skoda Fabia R5 car in the colors of the Hungarian MOL Racing Team, as he will compete in the coming season, but Skoda will switch to Volkswagen.

– Nine years ago we were the first to choose the Skoda Fabia S2000 and then Skoda Fabia R5. We have had nine wonderful years together with Skoda, winning the Hungarian championship three times and climbing the EM Series for the prize pool twice, Herczig echoes the team news release.

“It was not an easy decision to make this furniture change, but I’m confident I will come up with similar, perhaps even better results at Volkswagen,” continues Herczig.

The purpose of Herczig and MOL Racing Team is to drive seven of the eight races of the next season in the EM series. The EM series will end next year in Hungary, so Herczig and MOL Racing Team will also have access to home competition during the season. Rally’s EM series starts in the Azores archipelago in Portugal in March. keeps track of EM series events closely next season.

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